Court Reporting firms/reporters must follow the formatting rules of their state. We will have no short pages, no wide margins, no blank pages, no counting of digests and other extraneous materials as pages.
Court Reporting firms/reporters must comply with employment laws set for reporters in their state.
Court Reporting firms/reporters adhere to IRS, NCRA guidelines and other guidelines for gift giving.  All gifts, luncheons, invitations, etc., should be given in the spirit of fostering relationships and not a quid pro quo for work given.  There should be neither understanding nor expectation of gifts for work.  “Points” and other such incentive programs are examples of “pay for work given” and should be avoided.
Court Reporting Firms/reporters must not charge excessive fees for gas mileage, appearance costs, and other administrative fees.
Court Reporting firms/reporters, when offering additional services such as indexing, must offer such services to both sides of a deposition.
Court Reporting firms/reporters should not assist in deposition or trial strategy for one side or another in the deposition.
Court Reporting firms/reporters should not make their entire transcript databases available to client law firms for the purposes of data mining.
Court Reporting firms should strive to achieve diversity in their hiring.
Court Reporting firms/reporters will be committed to the integrity and impartiality of the court reporting profession.